Cultivated Food Labs Pilot Plant

cultivated food labs

VT Engineering designed a comprehensive kitchen pilot plant which included both open and enclosed office spaces, a large commercial kitchen, and a pilot plant for this exciting company who is making and researching new ways to deliver plant based foods to the market.

28,000 sqft Norland Ltd Office

On this design/building project for NorLand Ltd’s new office space, VT Engineering designed a completely new office space including a comprehensive LED lighting package using adjustable lighting fixtures and Lutron Vive wireless lighting controls to meet ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. A complete building power distribution assessment was performed.

L.L. Bean in The Amazing Brentwood

ll bean lighting design counter mall

Retailer giant L.L. Bean is opening it’s first location in British Columbia located in Brentwood Town Center shopping center. VT Engineering was tasked with designing the lighting controls and light fixtures ensuring the lighting design complies with ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. 

Pathfinder RV & Campground Resort

pathfinder resorts rv and campground

Surrounded by beautiful rolling green hills and mountain views, Pathfinder Camp Resort located in Agassiz-Harrison is makes a home away from home. VT Engineering designed this whole new RV and Campground which required a 1200A PMT, power distribution throughout the site including laundry rooms, pool, and washrooms.

Thai Temple and Residence

thai temple

VT Engineering designed a new Thai Temple and Residence for the Monks and Staff. The lighting was modelled in AGi32 to ensure it met ASHRAE 90.1 requirements as well as the customers requirements for the stage lighting of the Buddha. Exterior lighting was selected to provide an elegant appearance at night around both buildings.