Advanced Lighting Designs and Calculations
Light Modeling using Industry Leading Software
Industrial and Automation Designs
Detailed Power Distribution, Back-Up Power, Cable Schedules, PLC, and HMI's
Detailed and Comprehensive Electrical Drawing Packages
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Electrical distribution panelboards

Detailed Electrical Room Layouts

Electrical rooms are extremely important and must be designed with proper clearances and allowances to ensure they provide a safe and maintainable area. Our electrical room designs are to scale showing all minimum clearances and future allowances to ensure the area will provide sufficient room for years to come.

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Electrical Capacity Reviews

A very common question we get from townhouse and apartment building complex’s is “does our complex have enough power to install heat-pumps and EV chargers for everyone?” To answer this question, VT Engineering provides detailed Electrical Capacity Review for a clear understanding of the existing loads, electrical equipment, and electrical

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electrical cabling wireway gutter

Electrical Schematics

We provide excellent electrical schematic drawing packages with quick turn-around times allowing you to finish your project as quickly as possible. Our schematics clearly outline all terminations, wire and conduit sizes, labels, and specific details allowing them to be very quick and easy to read.

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Electrical Utility Service Upgrades

If you are building a new home, laneway home, or if you have an apartment building and would like to upgrade to a larger service, you will likely require an electrical engineer to review or design your construction plans to meet all BC Hydro, Provincial, and Municipal specifications. We perform

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EV Ready Plans and Designs

We provide EV Ready plans and EV Designs for all projects. Weather you have a townhouse complex, apartment building, or an industrial facility, we can design an excellent EV solution for you. Flo / CharePoint / Unico and more

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fluke meter voltage measurement

Field Commissioning and Troubleshooting

Whether your electrical system is experiencing problems or is down entirely, learning exactly what is causing the problem can be difficult if you don’t have the experience to diagnose the issue. This is the reason that we offer our comprehensive electrical troubleshooting services. Our field commissioning technicians have years of

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simplex fire alarm control panel

Fire Alarm Designs

Fire alarms are a critical part of building safety and must be designed properly. We have experience with all the major brands to be able to design your fire alarm system or upgrade.

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industrial network ethernet cables

Industrial Networking

The industrial field is growing more and more advanced. The increasing number of Wi-Fi-oriented devices means that it is more important than ever for facilities to have a robust network that can handle smart technology. To help prepare your business for the future, we offer our electrical engineering expertise with

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Instrumentation and Automation

Automation systems are one of the best ways to keep your facility running efficiently and cost effective. However, if aspects of your control system are improperly installed, it can mean that your automation system either doesn’t work at its best. Even worse, it can begin to negatively impact performance. Our

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Lighting Designs and Calculations

Whether you are building a new home, commercial property, parking lot, or anything in between, we are able to provide quality lighting and street lighting designs and calculations for your project. Using the industries best software and industry standards we are able to select the best luminaire, locations, and determine

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14 apartment meters

Load Calculation

As technology improves we require more electricity to keep everything powered and charged. If you are looking to add EV charging stations, new elevators, or any other new equipment to an existing building, we are able to review the existing building loads and provide detailed calculations to ensure the existing service is able to accommodate your new loads.

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Main electrical room MCC layout

Plant Modernization

VT Engineering offers our expertise with our plant automation solutions. We’ll make sure that your plant is prepared for the future and able to run at its most efficient.

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Rockwell Studio 5000 PLC programming screenshot

PLC & HMI Programming and Design

We have significant experience integrating and programming our strong fail-safe techniques in large and small facilities. Our logic is always fully commented and documented allowing your maintenance staff to easily troubleshoot or add I/O in the future.

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PLC Panel layout and terminals

PLC Panel and Junction Box Designs

Junction boxes and electrical panels make up an important part of your plant’s electrical infrastructure. If you’re experiencing issues with your plant’s electrical interfaces, or if you are looking to expand or upgrade, we’re happy to offer our years of expertise to ensure that your junction box and electrical panel

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remote support from office

Remote Support

If your control system is connected to the internet, we are able to troubleshoot or make programming and control system upgrades remotely.

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Unit Substation Designs

Is BC Hydro upgrading the primary voltage in your area or your site requires more power? VT Engineering provides Feasibility Study’s to explore the impact of the upgrades to your existing electrical room, building, and distribution equipment and determines how to best perform the required upgrades. And once the client

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