EV Energy Management System

Many new cars purchased today require EV charging and existing townhouse owners are currently left without options. To meet the intent of the Canadian Electrical code, the main service entrance located in the electrical room, as well as the suite owner panels, must be monitored and turn off any downstream EVSE when the upstream overcurrent device exceeds 80% of it’s rating. Current townhouse complexes do not have a feasible solution to provide Level 2 EV charging to their owners as typically the main service entrance and/or townhouse suite panels do not have electrical capacity for the additional loads. Therefore, an EVEMS is required which permits the EVSE loads not to count towards the calculated load; however, running wires between the electrical rooms and the townhouses would typically require running new underground ducts which is significantly too expensive. With technology improvements and wireless options already available on the market and commonly used in apartment parkades, our EVEMS monitors the main service entrance in the electrical rooms and wirelessly communicates with the suite EVEMS’s to safely and properly provide Level 2 charging to all existing townhouse complexes.

Our patent pending EVEMS system is designed to monitor the main electrical services and any sub-feeds to metering stacks and then communicate with a second EVEMS which would be installed at the townhouse garages to monitor the suite panels. VT Engineering Inc has significant industrial controls, automation, PLC programming, start-up, and commissioning experience on large and small projects and understands the significance of both hardware and software fail-safe designs. Our Wireless EVEMS is designed with safety, code compliance, and reliability as top priorities, while also providing a completely customizable and upgradable solution for years to come in even the most difficult applications. Each panel will come with a CSA SPE-1000 approved to be ready for on-site installation. Our EVEMS panels can be upgraded, expanded, or have the programming updated as project or code requirements change.

Wireless Townhouse EVEMS
Design and Built in Canada / CSA/UL Approved
Wireless Townhouse EVEMS Panel
Communicates with the Main Electrical Room and also Measures Your Townhouse Panel
Custom PLC EVEMS Solutions for Unique and Challenging Applications
Design and Built in Canada / CSA/UL Approved
Optional Accessories: Switches, Displays, etc
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