VT Engineering Inc Wired/Wireless EVEMS – Patent Pending

VT Engineering Inc is very excited to finally offer a solution for townhouse owners across the country. Electrical Vehicles (EV’s) have already become very popular and to get the most range and fast charging speed, they require Level 2 EV chargers installed next to their parking spot. While many solutions exist on the market for single-family homes, apartment buildings, and common areas such as parking lots, townhouse owners have been completely left behind. There were no products or solutions available on the market to properly permit townhouse owners to install Level 2 EV chargers in their unit, until now. VT Engineering Inc has designed and patented our own EVEMS specifically for townhouses applications and is an excellent solution for both existing and new complexes. While many existing units may have had EV chargers installed in their townhouse garages, they have not been installed per the Canadian Electrical Code requirements creating a risk of overloading electrical services and equipment. A great feature of our product is that it can be integrated with all existing installations to bring them up to code to ensure safety of personal and equipment. It works with all Level 2 EV chargers on the market so each townhouse unit can have different makes and models if they wish. We offer both wired and wireless versions to provide the most cost effect solution for each townhouse complex. We are excited to have our first installation located in the City of Vancouver and look forward to many more installations to come. If your townhouse complex is interested in installing EV chargers, contact us today!