22 Lot Sub-Division Streetlighting

led streetlights

VT Engineering designed the streetlighting for a whole new 22 lot sub-division is Mission. All the street lighting was modelled using AGi32 to ensure all the lighting requirements where met and all the streetlights were spaced in a way to provide even lighting throughout the whole street. 

Cultivated Food Labs Pilot Plant

cultivated food labs

VT Engineering designed a comprehensive kitchen pilot plant which included both open and enclosed office spaces, a large commercial kitchen, and a pilot plant for this exciting company who is making and researching new ways to deliver plant based foods to the market.

28,000 sqft Norland Ltd Office

On this design/building project for NorLand Ltd’s new office space, VT Engineering designed a completely new office space including a comprehensive LED lighting package using adjustable lighting fixtures and Lutron Vive wireless lighting controls to meet ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. A complete building power distribution assessment was performed.