Street Lighting Designs and Calculations

Street Lighting Design & Calculation Whether you are building a new home, commercial property, parking lot, or anything in between, we are able to provide quality street lighting designs and calculations for your project. Using the industries best software [AGi32] and industry standards [RP-8-18] we are able to select the best luminaire, locations, and determine […]

Fire Alarm Designs

simplex fire alarm control panel

Fire Alarm System Design Services The safety of your workers, customers, and anyone else inside your buildings is extremely important. Keeping safety in mind is the most important reason for having a well-designed and up-to-date fire alarm system. Our fire alarm system design services will allow you to get an alarm system that is tailored […]

Plant Modernization

Main electrical room MCC layout

Plant Automation Solutions Automation technology is changing the manufacturing industry faster than most individual facilities are able to keep up. To ensure that your facility is functioning at its optimal level, especially in regard to upgrades, you should solicit an expert’s opinion. VT Engineering offers our expertise with our plant automation solutions. We’ll make sure […]

Electrical Utility Service Upgrades

underground secondary transformer ducts

Page under construction. Please check back soon. If you are building a new home, laneway home, or if you have an apartment building and would like to upgrade to a larger service, you will likely require an electrical engineer to review or design your construction plans to meet all BC Hydro, Provincial, and Municipal specifications. […]