Load Calculation

14 apartment meters

Electrical Load Calculation As technology continues to advance and in turn requires more power to function properly, remember to take into account the electrical loads of your properties. Whether you’re planning on installing a new EV charging station, elevator, or any other electrical equipment, a comprehensive electrical load calculation is the most reliable way of […]

PLC & HMI Programming and Design

Rockwell Studio 5000 PLC programming screenshot

HMI and PLC Programming and Design Automation is a great investment for any facility as it allows for you to increase operation time, create better products, and cut down on staffing requirements. However, your automation programming is as important as the hardware that you use in your facility. VT Engineering is here to help with […]

Panel and Junction Box Designs

PLC Panel layout and terminals

Junction Box & Electrical Panel Layout and Design Junction boxes and electrical panels make up an important part of your plant’s electrical infrastructure. If you’re experiencing issues with your plant’s electrical interfaces, or if you are looking to expand or upgrade, we’re happy to offer our years of expertise to ensure that your junction box […]

Electrical Wiring Schematic Drawings

electrical cabling wireway gutter

Electrical Schematic Drawing Services If you’re looking to upgrade the electrical system in your building or to construct an entirely new building, be careful not to overlook the electrical system in your planning. VT engineering is happy to provide detailed electrical schematic drawings with a quick turnaround that allows you to promptly receive the information […]

Process & Instrumentation Drawings (P&ID’s)

plant process and instrumentation drawing P&ID pid

Process and Instrumentation Diagram Services Process and instrumentation diagrams are integral to providing a strong overview of your facility’s processes. A detailed process and instrumentation drawing will not only help you understand the function and operation of your whole facility, but in the future, it will also assist with potential redesigns, upgrades, troubleshooting, and more. […]

Industrial Networking

industrial network ethernet cables

Industrial Networking Solutions The industrial field is growing more and more advanced. The increasing number of Wi-Fi-oriented devices means that it is more important than ever for facilities to have a robust network that can handle smart technology. To help prepare your business for the future, we offer our electrical engineering expertise with our industrial […]


Instrumentation Control System Integration Automation systems are one of the best ways to keep your facility running efficiently and cost effective. However, if aspects of your control system are improperly installed, it can mean that your automation system either doesn’t work at its best. Even worse, it can begin to negatively impact performance. Our instrumentation […]

Field Commissioning and Support

fluke meter voltage measurement

Electrical Troubleshooting Services Whether your electrical system is experiencing problems or is down entirely, learning exactly what is causing the problem can be difficult if you don’t have the experience to diagnose the issue. This is the reason that we offer our comprehensive electrical troubleshooting services. Our field commissioning technicians have years of hands-on experience […]

Detailed Electrical Room Layouts

Electrical distribution panelboards

Commercial Electrical Layout & Design If you are upgrading your commercial facility or building a new one, we have the experience to create a safe and efficient commercial electrical layout and design for your facility’s system. We are very knowledgeable and have experience with all area classifications, from general purpose to hazardous location Class I, […]